Top 10 Best Tweets of the Week #40

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Best Tweets of the Week #40

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Marketing POSTED BY Derek Gleason

10 Recent Neuromarketing Research Studies (and Their Real-World Takeaways).


Entrepreneurship POSTED BY Tom Popomaronis

The SEC Just Taught Elon Musk a Costly Lesson to Always Think Before You Speak (or Tweet).


Entrepreneurship POSTED BY Jessica Stillman

The Science of Lying: The More You Do It the Easier It Gets.


Entrepreneurship POSTED BY Nick Bastone

CEO Evan Spiegel Admits Major Redesign Errors and Says Snap Will Be Profitable in 2019.


Technology POSTED BY Bryan Adams

Why Chatbots Will be the Future of Recruiting.


Entrepreneurship POSTED BY Erik Sherman

Defiant Elon Musk Keeps Rage Tweeting the SEC and Proves He Has No Self Control.


Entrepreneurship POSTED BY Bill Murphy Jr.

The Drunk Passenger. The Diverted Flight. The Racial Slur. (Here’s What Happened on These American Airlines and Southwest Airlines Flights).


Marketing POSTED BY Obaidul Karim Khan

Inadequate cash reserves: The main reason for Small Businesses Fail.


Marketing POSTED BY Digital Marketing Depot

Choosing an enterprise call analytics platform.


Growth Hacking POSTED BY

Growth Hack your Startup’s PR Through Social Media Using These 5 Strategies.




Marketing POSTED BY Neil Patel

A Blog Isn’t a Blog, It’s a Business.


Growth Hacking POSTED BY Sara Kinell

Your 7-Minute Guide to Growth Hacking.


Marketing POSTED BY Apostle Mengoulis

How to promote your Viral loops affiliate link.